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The loving act of penetrating that strong ring of boy-muscle is pleasurable for the dude receiving the finger as well as the guy doing the insertion!  But, once inside, nature provides limited sensation, save for one vital spot.  As the x-ray diagram shows, the tender, hyper-sensitive prostate gland will virtually sing with pleasure when the recipient is fortunate to have a boyfriend who knows to thoughtfully massage that boy-bulb through the anal wall.  Properly fingered, there is first an urge to pee… then, the penis swells and stiffens, and soon the entire body writhes around that probing, twisting finger!  Continue milking the boy’s prostate in this way and it will soon spasm and release a copious amount of his semen, yielding a headboard-splattering climax without ever needing to touch his boner!  Now, cuddle him and caress him, as he’ll be exhausted… give him a chance to catch his breath before you use that just-fingered opening to satisfy your needs…

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